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Those stars are from my seven year old self I lived in Germany that year and when we visited London during a school vacation we had relatives there I still do , we always went to Foyle s where my parents stocked up on Puffins I keep trying to find the edition I had yellow cover , but boy did I love this book I m afraid to read it now, to be honest Classic tale I felt uncomfortable with, but appealing characters and adventures for children.A classic author I ve read before, but not a title I knew I picked it up on a whim This will have appeal for today s readers who like episodic tales with a slow burn story of all comes right in the end after many trials.My discomfort with the book stemmed from the abuse of the little horse, his own downright pigheaded disposition to work himself into the ground for money for his maker who, really, might not show him the same loyalty and the oft repeated pattern see Rudyard Kipling s If of losing all his hard earned money and having to begin again The injustice made me anxious The structure is very traditional and reminiscent of other fairy tales, such as Pinocchio The Little Wooden Horse never given any other name is created but for one reason or another finds himself alone in the world and moving ever further away from home, but hopes to return soon having earned a fortune to keep himself and his master living in comfort Like Black Beauty finding good owners and bad, the Horse meets tyrants and kindhearted humans, works himself to the wooden bone, sustains damage, is ill used and repaired, and travels far and wide seeing the best and worst of mankind as he struggles to find his way home.It s simply told, which makes me feel that given a fresh jacket and typeface it will appeal to primary aged readers still Besides some talk of old money and a few words and scenes that may need a little explanation of their context, it s a good, old fashioned epic of a children s story For ages 7 10. What a beautiful story for little children I wish I had been able to read it as a child But even as an adult, I find it compelling Even I wanted to know how the story would go on and I am sure children will love the stories. I read this many years ago and want to re read it I absolutely loved this book, it was my favourite. This was a much loved book from my childhood and I was delighted when my husband bought it for me as a sentimental gift Having just reread it as a woman in my 30s I was happy that it was as good as I remembered it to be I would recommend it to anybody old and young alike A thoroughly charming tale. My copy of this still has my original surname inside The pages are going brown round the edges and some are falling out, but this was a story I read several times to the children I was teaching back in 1975 1977 A wonderful fairy tale full of drama and emotion although I suspect that nowadays it might seem rather sad compared to modern tales However, one of my granddaughters loves Blyton s The Magic Faraway Tree so I will buy a new copy of this classic for her to enjoy. |READ EBOOK ♫ Adventures of the Little Wooden Horse ⚖ Proud And Brave, Uncle Peder Had Never Made So Fine A Horse Before The Little Wooden Horse Loves Uncle Peder Like A Father And Hopes Never To Leave Him When The Toymaker Falls On Hard Times, The Little Wooden Horse Must Go Out Into The World To Seek His Fortune But Whether He S Working In A Coal Mine, Walking The Tightrope In A Circus, Or Gathering Pirate Treasure, The Loyal Little Horse Has Only One Desire To Return To His Beloved Master S Side First Published In , Adventures Of The Little Wooden Horse Is Well Loved Modern Children S Classic A adventurous horse who is abandoned by his creator s a toymaker wife He stumbles into lots of mishaps and finds new friends along the way on his search to find his master again It has a happy ending A book that although I have read many times, I still find is fun to read again It can be read over and over One of my favorite children s books. This book is not only for children but for any age Adventures of Little Wooden Horse gave me similar nuance when i read The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery I felt both little wooden horse and little prince were suffering and they both fight for happiness. I was given this book as a child I must have read it several times and cried too I still have the same book and have read it to all my children over the years.It is such a lovely tale of determination,hardworking,courage and love A book I will treasure LOVE IT.

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  • Adventures of the Little Wooden Horse
  • Ursula Moray Williams
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  • 28 March 2017
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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Adventures of the Little Wooden Horse book, this is one of the most wanted Ursula Moray Williams author readers around the world.