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I love horses Always have They re graceful and beautiful animals, and also very kind Because of my allergies and asthma I had to stop riding, but my love for horses has not diminished When my daughter chose to read Black Beauty a few months ago, I just had to put it on my list I hate admitting this, I never read this book beforeit s one of those books I ve always wanted to read but never got around to it.The story is told by Black Beauty, it s his memoir biography It begins with him as a colt, and follows with various owners, some good and some bad and it ends with his retirement It a beautifully written story, it s straight forward and entertaining I think that being written in the first person adds to the experience, it makes it real And I know from my daughter reading it, that it teaches children sympathy, compassion for animals of any size And the message does not change when you read it as an adult. Stars based on how much I loved the book as a child. #DOWNLOAD é Black Beauty ⚻ Best EPub, Black Beauty By John Davage This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Black Beauty, Essay By John Davage Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Not long ago, while browsing the treasures in an antique shop, I came across a timeworn 1955 edition of Black Beauty by Anna Sewell Holding the book brought back vivid memories of my fifth grade class in 1965 sitting in our third floor classroom, windows agape and dust settling on the wooden floor, enchanted as Mrs Pritchard read us the entire book out loud This was a significant experience in my schooling and in the development of my love of books I purchased this well worn book and put it on my bookshelf to be savored again when the time was right Just such an occasion presented itself recently in the form of a rare snow day I wrapped myself in a blanket and dove in Originally published in 1877, Black Beauty is seen as a children s classic The book was the first of its kind, in that it is an animal story told in first person, past tense by the animal who is the protagonist of this story, in this case a horse named Black Beauty And while it is considered a children s book, it is nearly 300 pages in length and is really a missive on some very adult issues, particularly the treatment of animals, particularly that of horses When it was originally published, it had a significant social impact and lead to the changing of laws and practices concerning horses In addition, the book is very didactic There are several valuable moral and ethical lessons taught through the experiences of the horse on kindness, fairness, drinking, family, hard work, etc.Though the book was published in 1877, there is much here that is relevant today in terms of the lessons it teaches Though the plight of horses may not be of significant interest to most children, in the right hands this book continues to have merit and relevance It would be a great classroom or parent read aloud for kids in grades four through seven as it presents many opportunities for discussion on how transportation has changed, ways in which animals are treated today, and so on The language, true to England and the time period in which it was written, may be challenging for some Again, in the hands of a good teacher or parent, this could all be mitigated And this adult still found the book to be very compelling.Rereading Black Beauty was a thoroughly lovely experience Perfect for an unexpected snow day Author Anna SewellBook Title Black BeautyBook FictionAbout the author this book was written at the last year of her life she loved horses.Genre of the book Cildrens LitrecherI chose to read this book because I m a horse lover This book is about a horse black beauty that was born in a little village Firstly he spent time with his mom as he was a young foal Than He was broke up and was sold to the Squier Gordon.Settings Stables, Squier Gordon s house, forest, city Characters Black Beauty Squier Gordon Ginger Merrylegs Jon.Plot the novel was told by the horse about his hard life This story made me feel very sad and happy the plot exciting and believable.The characters were believable.My favourite part of the book was when he learned how to walk.I would recommend this book to a horse lover like me Reading age 10 12 rating 9 out of 10.This book is about a horse black beauty that was born in a little village Firstly he spent time with his mom as he was a young foal Than He was broke up and was sold to the Squier Gordon.Settings Stables, Squier Gordon s house, forest, city Characters Black Beauty Squier Gordon Ginger Merrylegs Jon.Plot the novel was told by the horse about his hard life. Back when mans machinery consisted of horse sweat and hay, Black Beauty is about one horses numerous different owners, and his triumphs and struggles encountered with each Black Beauty begins his life on a prestigious farm bred by a loving owner, and born by his kind mother Dutchess As he becomes older his life begins to change and the maturity of horsehood starts He is thrown into saddle and snaffle, and begins training Once he is a mature horse the owner sells him to a new home with the rich folk of Burtwhich Park where he lives out a happy couple of years with Ginger and Merrylegs His new friends become extremely close and he begins to fall in love with the chestnut mare Ginger But all good things come to an end, and their fair lady owner becomes ill Soon the family moves and has to sell the horses Merrylegs to a cart farm, and Ginger and Beauty to a prestigious mansion As time progresses eventually Ginger and Beauty are split up and sold to different homes This book captures the life and thoughts of a horse, since they have no choice in their lives, they simply have chance.Sewell uses simple and direct format with a little vernacular style when telling this story through a horses eyes This is all a flashback of Beautys past the story begins with him sitting in a pasture of older age This puts the reader into the story easily and ables any person with a passion for horses to feel the emotions of this single stallion Sewell captures these emotions through limited dialogue, because horses cannot talk, and through thought and description Her vivid language creates an easy mental image, and gives one a sense of sight, smell, and sound while reading Black Beauty is a classic novel with wonderful emotion and a tackfully put together story line The relationships between charracters, and beautiful imagery make this book a must read Any horse enthusiast, or person in need of a good read, will love this book. Not being much of an animal lover or an anti animal cruelty crusader, this classic wasn t exactly my cup of tea The whole mistreated horses line seemed redundantly expressed to an almost annoying degree Perhaps a interesting or in depth writing style would ve effectively masked the redundancy I realize this story must be meant for younger readers than myself, but I am a firm believer in read higher think higher and I would not recommend it to the age group to whom it is meant to appeal Of course, there were some redeeming qualities the overall plot is a good idea, and there are some historical allusions that enrich the mind and offer opportunities for educational exploration.All in all, though, I will say I was a mite disappointed The word classic has come to imply a high standard in my mind, and Black Beauty just didn t live up to my preconceived expectations. Wow, well to start with I am the type of girl that tends to read EVERYTHING in books, forewords, recommendations, epilogue s, you name it, I read it or in some cases skip if it is boring In the case of this book, I am really grateful for that commitment to detail as the Life and Times section preceding the story so impressed me Not only was this book Anna Sewell s only book, it changed the world in a way that has stayed with me in a very powerful way So clever was her approach in linking the ill treatment of animals to moral righteousness that she changed a Victorian era s generation and generations to come in highlighting the importance of respecting and treating animals with care and thoughtfulness, failure to do so, she suggested, could result in an eternal judgement It is not this premise that so impressed me, it was the fact that she died soon after the books release not realising how incredibly powerful her small book became, one author, one book, a legacy evolvesthat impressed me, the simplicity of a suggestion A compassionate writer, the book is written in the first tense, from a horse s perspective and is beautifully written, emotionally tuned and filled with colourful and interesting characters.The section Words and Phrases at the end of the book was entertaining and it was nice to have some additional phrases and terms explained, nerd alert I know I really enjoyed this book for its simplicity and consideration a classic that will definitely warrant a few re reads over the years I imagine I really enjoyed this book as well I thought it might just be a story about a horse and horses in general, which it is, but it was MUCH than that It was a story about Redemption It too was the hero s journey The hero was the the horse I loved learning about the masters and how they treated their horses because I think there s much to learn about parenting through the relationships of all the horses with their masters The way the masters treated their horses had EVERYTHING to do with how the horses turned out I also learned much through the horse about submission to everything people, weather, illness etc which is what life is about.

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