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Really good effort from an Indie writer out of Monterrey, Mexico The 1st person vignettes inter spersed throughout the book take a couple of chapters to get used to but the genuine meat of the story gets you past this unique writing style quickly The descriptive passages and language used could only be conjured by someone who s lived in Northern Mexico and this adds tremendously to the story line Solid character development, some insights into the events surrounding Hurricane Alex and few or no loose ends leaving you scratching your head By the end, you ll be rooting for the hero s The author is obviously a dog enthusiast and he s writing about what he knows Recommended reading. @FREE EBOOK ¸ Lobo ⚛ In The Tradition Of Classic Dog Stories, Lobo Tells The Tale Of A German Shepherd Lost In The Urban Jungle Of Monterrey, Mexico After The Destruction Of Hurricane Alex In June July Of Set Against The Background Of Current Events And The Crime Wave Sweeping Mexico, Lobo Is The Story Of One Dog S Struggle To Return To His FamilyShow Show Less It is rare that I struggle to put a book down With Lobo I really let my life outside the book slip I m a slow reader so my list of must do yesterday got very long.This is a well written book that oozes with the author s passion for his subject The backdrop is the recent past of Monterrey, in Mexico, which like so many cities has deep divisions of class, income and expectation The characters are deeply drawn, and well painted into the wide panorama over which I as the reader was made to feel I had an omnipresent view The characters are as much the dogs as the people Both species seem to almost mirror each other, except that the evil in the dogs is generally driven by man.This is not a Four Paws into Adventure Claude C nac , or another, often copied, The Incredible Journey Sheila Burnford though the dog is the true star, and the quality of the story is as high Lassie didn t live in Monterrey, in an often violent, all too real world, in which the real highs and lows of human character are displayed in all their vivid colours Lassie couldn t have won many battles on Lobo s streets.The copy I read had a smattering of typos, which is frustrating, but not because they spoil the read They really don t Rather, I m frustrated, because DGB is such an excellent writer that achieving flawless just has to be so worthwhile I love the rich descriptive style of writing that has so much to tell us about Mexico and its people whilst the plot steadily boils above.I am a total fan of the first person narrative and so was totally absorbed by DGB s use of the form to write first person straight from the heads of nearly all his rich tapestry of characters I particularly respect his writing because Burke has torn up the modern fashion manual on writing in order to do his own thing In the process he has produced a really good fact based fiction book. I was taken into a story that was rich in culture and could even visualize the events as they transpire The elaboration of characters viewpoints, emotions, and thoughts provided a very smooth amplification to the rationale behind their decisions and actions Lobo was very dynamic with the kind side around those he sees as family in tandem to the primal instinct when survival is the highest priority He isn t the only one facing challenges as his owner Antonia and her grandfather also have their dilemmas at every step of the way.The story kept me well engaged all the way to the conclusion. Killer Instinct and Loyalty Fights to the death Destruction Love and Loyalty Lobo is a powerful story about a dog that does whatever it takes to get back to his family A family that needs him One of my favorite quotes in the book is that maybe people just aren t capable of understanding the love our pets have for us The love and loyalty and the extent that a dog will go to in order to save, protect and be with his family is unexplainable, but true The family has endured pain and loss, and it makes for an enjoyable and interesting story Lobo is a hero, and a great story that s main character is a German Shepard Disclaimer I received an e copy in exchange for an honest review.Antonia s just lost her parents, and she s a little girl lost Her grandfather, Pepe, comes to take care of her, but they ve never met one another before He s at a loss for how to care for her and make her happy again, and she s just trying to cope one day at a time That is, until Pepe starts working for a man whose dogs just had puppies The big one s got some fight in him, and he doesn t seem to like anybody, but that all changes once he meets Antonia She and Pepe take him home, name him Lobo, and now the little girl s happy again, having found a friend who seems to know her every mood and how to respond accordingly.Unfortunately, Mother Nature has a different agenda, and Lobo finds himself not only separated from his beloved owner, but forced into a world of cruelty, abuse, and dog fighting How will he survive Can he make it back home to Antonia And what will she do without her best friend This was an excellent story, told in an interesting way via multiple first person perspectives There are quite a few characters, but everyone plays their part throughout the tale, and everybody s important in his or her own way Then, there s Lobo While he doesn t seem like your typical main character, he was easily my favorite by far, and I could feel Antonia s pain when they were separated Reading about all he had to go through and endure while on his own was heartbreaking, and at times, I had to take a break to rest my emotions However, the story is both captivating and powerful, and I think it illustrates very important aspects of life.I would recommend this to almost anyone Although, a word of caution There are a few depictions of dog fighting that, while not overly graphic, do convey the severity of the situation with details of the fighting itself, as well as injuries obtained However, it is still a very commanding story, and were it not for those scenes, I don t feel as though the tale would carry as much weight and sincerity for Lobo s plight.4 stars Where to begin I was intrigued by the concept of this book when I read the synopsis on , and I decided to take a chance on reading an animal book those books I think are going to be solely about an animal and their interactions with the world , as I don t normally choose them My choosiness yes that s a word was proven wrong almost immediately.The author begins by interweaving a cast of completely believable characters, complete with faults, honest reactions, and intriguing backstory There is no doubt that Mr Burke has first hand experience with the areas in and around Monterrey, and puts that expertise to paper creating vivid landscapes The descriptions of the barrio where Antonia and Pepe live was so descriptive, I could smell the air, and taste the food just by reading the words Colloquial Spanish is interspersed, and adds to the story, even if you are not familiar with the language context is enough to allow the reader to know what is intended.Then we are introduced to Lobo Almost instantly, I became attached to him, and found myself waiting to see what would happen to Lobo when I was reading and interacting with other characters in the book Watching him become a leader and realizing his driving purpose was exciting and enthralling to get back to his kind hearted owner, Antonia after being displaced by Hurricane Alex.I am very happy I took a chance on this book It was a very well written story that hooked me and kept me captivated through to the end My only criticism, and it is very minor, is the same one that Jason Black had in his review the 1st person vignettes took a couple of chapters to get used to, but once I was used to them, it was very neat to see different sides of the same issue I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading, from a mild crime novel, to a family struggling, to historical accuracy and , Lobo has something for everyone

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