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Imagine that your family had a new baby and suddenly, they began beating you The people that you have always trusted, for years, become frightening strangers.Imagine you are an athlete who has been kept in a crate most of your life, trained with less than gentle measures, and then tossed out when you can t race any.Imagine you have been kept caged up for so long, in solitary confinement that your routines are the only thing you know.Imagine that the family who should care for you splits up and there is no stability in your life and you are frightened, rebellious, and hostile, and you start hurting yourself to relieve your pain Now, imagine that you wind up in a place where people want to help you, but you are going to have to trust, to learn, to get outside your sad past.It is hard, whether you are human or canine But people can help dogs and dogs can help people I m a positive reinforcement dog trainer who works at an animal shelter I hated this book Evie majorly anthropomorphizes, which initially didn t bother me because it truly is something that people do with animals But as a student in a dog school she never learns that a lot of her anthropomorizing is erroneous and can actually get in the way of becoming a good trainer She apparently spends good money to be a student learning how to become a trainer, but she doesn t get any instruction Apparently if she spends enough time with the dogs she ll become enlightened on her own and magically become a great trainer I ve spent enough time learning about dogs, training and teaching pet dog owners to know that just isn t how it works Dog training is part science and part art form and to become a great dog trainer you need to learn a lot about learning theory, how to apply it, natural dog behavior, how to read dog body language, and different techniques on hot to train behaviors There s a theme throughout the book about the Alpha which is supposed to relate to the dogs Unfortunately the author didn t do her research to find the whole alpha thing has been dismissed by professional dog trainers because it s based on incorrect information about how wolves in the wild structure their pack, and because it s irrelevant in actual dog training I also had problems with the structure of the sanctuary and the fact that they actively steel dogs from people they think aren t treating dogs properly No doubt there are organizations out there doing this, but I don t think this is ethical, nor is it professional Animal welfare is also trending towards trying to work with owners through education and helping with giving services so that they can be better dog owners and keep their dogs Most people neglecting their dogs do so because they don t know any better and can improve with education Additionally, those people who have dogs stolen from them are very likely to get another dog and treat the next dog the same way. [Download Epub] ♁ The Mountaintop School for Dogs and Other Second Chances ♳ The Sanctuary High Up On The Mountain, The Sanctuary Is A Place Of Refuge It Is A Place Where Humans Save Dogs, Who, In Turn, Save The Humans It Is A Place Where The Past Does Not Exist, Where Hopelessness Is Chased Away, Where The Future Hasn T Been Written, Where Orphans And Strays Can Begin To Imagine A New Meaning For Family Evie Is Making Her Way To The Sanctuary She Has Lied To Gain Entry She Has Pretended To Know Than She Does About Dogs, But She Is Learning Fast Once The Indomitable Mrs Auberchon Lets Her Pass, She Will Find Her Way Like The Racing Greyhound Who Refuses To Move, The Golden Retriever Who Returns To His Job As The Sanctuary S Butler Every Time He S Adopted, And The Rottweiler Who S A Hopeless Candidate For Search And Rescue, Evie Comes From A Troubled Past But As They All Learn, No One Should Stay Prisoner To A Life She Didn T Choose This Is The Story Of Two Women And A Whole Pack Of Dogs Who, Having Lost Their Way In The World, Find A Place At A Training School And Radical Rescue Center Called The Sanctuary It Is A Story Of Strays And Rescues, Kidnappings And Homecomings, Moving On And Holding On And Letting Go And It Is, Ultimately, A Moving And Hilarious Chronicle Of The Ways In Which Humans And Canines Help Each Other Find New Lives, New Selves, And New Hope There may be a novel in there, but between lists of dog breeds, screeds on dog training, etc I didn t see one Too bad, because it sounded like my kind of book had it been less full over over serious earnestness. I thought I was going to love this book when I started it, but I got confused with the setting and the characters.I enjoyed learning about dog rescue and liked watching Evie conquer her addiction problem. Second chances for rescued dogs, for first time dog trainers, for homeless teenaged guy.This book meanders a bit, but in a totally appropriate way Rehab is not easy for either the dogs or the people, but it has moments of great excitement for breakthroughs and moments of hilarity.If you are very tender hearted you may be put off by some of the descriptions of the very physically and emotionally battered dogs who are rescues But the book is mostly about hope and recovery of a normal life. This is my first experience with Cooney s writing, but as a dog lover and shelter dog supporter, from its description, this book seems like the perfect one for me Unfortunately, I think my expectations were much too high Right from the start, the book gives an unfavorable first impression The chapters, though brief, suffer from verb tense inconsistencies and the shifting perspective also makes difficult to feel a firm connection to the story itself, not to mention the characters.Even as the unusual style choices settle a bit, the book runs into some rather preachy parts as Evie learns about abused dogs, training and statistics I suppose it will make dog loving readers think about their own answers to some of the questions Evie poses, but the book falls into an unfortunately common trope of this subgenre in being as heavy handed with its lessons for readers as it warns against that same tactic for teaching dogs Sort of ironic, I supposeBut, frankly, I don t like the book at all I wish that I had not read it through until the end Parts of it are interesting and I do like how the author assigns dog like actions and characteristics to its human characters, but it prevents them from ever feeling completely genuine as people And though the dogs feel authentic, oddly, there are not enough scenes with them to compensate What is most disappointing, though, is just how devoid of fun this is There is absolutely no humour here which is one characteristic of dogs that desperately needs to be woven into this novel It may be a book about second chances, but that doesn t mean it needs to be such a downer The ending, too, leaves a lot to be desired it s very abrupt with many loose ends I genuinely wish that I had set this one aside much earlier I am a huge dog lover so I enjoyed the book the dogs were my favorite Well, most of the dogs.I am a big dog lover so Josie and Dora weren t really a favorite of mine, but I loved Hank and was bummed he left so soon I loved Boomer as well pit bulls and goldens are my dogs of choice And I enjoyed Shadow, Tasha, and Alfie I have had a tickle to want to open a rescue shelter myself and this definitely pulled at those heart strings.I felt like I could connect to the book with the way that Evie communicated with the dogs and of course, the dogs themselves but I am still struggling with all the holes that were in the story.We eventually learn Evie had a history of cocaine abuse as well as substance abuse treatment of some sort And we know she doesn t have anyone in the outside world, but that is all we know Nothing.We can gather that there is a story behind Giant George, Mrs Auberchon, and the sisters but again, no.I really would have liked the holes filled in a little to learn about the people that we and the dogs interacted with.Still, I rated this book a 3.5 out of 5 stars, rounding it up to a 4 star read. Reese, age 3 Royal poodle, chocolate brown, approx 85 pounds Flew to Pennsylvania from Oklahoma in a small crate on board three airplanes Considered by his family to be quite quirky Very loveable Hates tight spaces and shows symptoms of claustrophobia Shows instant distrust of tall lanky boys with glasses and dark hair Hates denim jackets and ball caps Extremely energetic, and possibly believes he is human Loves to run and be outdoors Fiercely loyal Loves to play and loves to cuddle Will instantly love you if you give him food Unless you are a tall lanky boy with glasses and dark hair Then he will hate you for no reason whatsoever. I love my dog Seriously I can t get enough of him sometimes And every time I picked this book up to read, I just kept giving my big monster great big hugs, because that s what this book makes you do It makes you see how magical and wonderful these canine companions are to our own lives That little blurb and pic is of my own big boy who is so special in my life But, this dog hates my brother the tall lanky boy with glasses and dark hair and people who look like my brother Its also true what I say about him hating denim jackets and ball caps Even if he sees me wearing such items, he won t come near me It makes me wonder about the farm on which he was raised and where he spent the first five months of his life Was there someone there, maybe a boy who looked like my brother who wore denim jackets and ball caps, who mistreated him in some way There seems to be a trend, especially in young adult fiction nowadays, that really hones in on those with problems Drug and alcohol abuse, suicidal tendencies, post traumatic stress disorder, you know,issuesWell, this book does that too Except half the characters in this book about individuals withissuesare, well, dogs Because, as illustrated above, animals can haveissuestoo.This novel focuses on Evie, a twenty something girl withissueswho applies for and is accepted as a dog trainer for a mountaintop animal rescue center called The Sanctuary The problem is, Evie REALLY hasissuesand she knows nothing whatsoever about dogs At first she stays at an inn at the foot of the mountain where The Sanctuary is with only a mysterious and cratchety middle aged woman named Mrs Auberchon for company Then the dogs come Each dog has his or her ownissueswhich are told to Evie by means of a piece of paper with information on it, similar to my own description of Reese at the beginning of this review At first, Evie is really unsure of what to do, but as the novel progresses, these dogs really seem to get through to her, and they touch her life in some way Mrs Auberchon, the enigmatic and elderly sisters who run the Sanctuary, and another trainer in the form of a teenaged boy who refers to himself only as Giant George are the human characters in this story, and like Evie, seem to have conflicts and struggles that they are all working out in their own ways However, each character seems to relate to the dogs better than the other humans As Evie tries to get through to these dogs and train them to integrate back into normal society, cracks in her own problematic life begin to heal as well As she works with them, its almost as if she begins to project emotions and feelings into these canines, and the whole book becomes some kind of weird doggie rehab But in a strange way, it totally worked and I was completely invested in the outcome.This novel was strangely compelling, and I read it very quickly There were times where I genuinely could not put it down to save my life, but there were also a lot ofissueswith it The writing is so so, and the book was addled with cliches but overall I found the book quite enjoyable, albeit predictable What saved this novel for me were the dogs I LOVED every single dog in this book and found their characters so dynamic, interesting, fun, and compelling It was the humans which brought this book down for me I didn t care as much about their storylines, and found them all to be pretty flat and one dimensional Particularly Mrs Auberchon and Evie Evie was a cookie cutter troubled girl right from the start and nothing happens to elevate her much beyond that Mrs Auberchon was a caricature of the introverted, guarded, older woman with an obvious past, and the story really does nothing to shed much light on either of their past stories Usually this bothers me, as I need to know and don t like loose ends, but honestly, I didn t care much that I didn t get their complete histories That, in and of itself, says something But then there s Tasha, the insecure Rotweiler with a heart of gold, a big slobbering tongue, and major abandonment issues And Dora, the feisty alpha scottish terrier who was locked in an abandoned apartment for three weeks until someone found her And Dapple, the beautiful but terrified hound mix who was rescued from a puppy mill where she was constantly impregnated to spawn different breeds of hunting dogs There s also Boomer, Josie, Shadow, Hank, Alfie, Rocky, and a whole herd of Pitbulls, rescued from a dog fighting ring These are the stories I longed to hear, and the endings I yearned for And in this way, this book did not disappoint It made me long to drive to a shelter and adopt another dog This is not the most well written book, and it definitely had its problems, but every animal lover should read this It tugs a mean heartstring, and it feels genuine without being sappy or emotionally manipulative. I am probably the perfect reader for this book I am a dog nut who is involved with rescue animals and sit on the board for a positive training obedience school So it s not to hard to believe that I really liked the DOGS in this book I found the people slightly less likable but I guess I have patience with broken dogs than I do with broken people The writing style was very stream of consciousness, which I didn t mind too much However some of the run on sentences were a little hard to follow But the time I got to the end of the sentence I had forgotten the beginning and had to go back and re read it My biggest gripe with this book was the abrupt ending It felt as if the author just stepped away for a break and then never came back and finished the story I would like to hear much about the school and students

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I m writing a new novel, my tenth When I came to rural, midcoast Maine twenty one years ago, it was supposed to be all about finding quiet for brief periods quiet as a change from a busy, crowded life in Cambridge MA But I stayed, and I keep on staying All I see from the windows of my writing room are trees and sky The ocean s close by, and the Kennebec River, and a large freshwater pond It