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Well, I read this book a few years ago And, I read it twice after that again a few years ago, and now The dog s perspective was an interesting view, neat to think of what really goes on in our pet s mind.My younger self loved this book because, partly, it horrified me so much Even the small amount of violence and action The Good Dog contained was enough to alarm me, and subsequently keep me amused till page 243 The book stuck with me My view has changed a little What seemed like vivid action a few years ago is now different, definitely not how I remembered it And, maybe I m just nitpicking but it s hard for me to read a book when almost every other word is an adverb A balance of showing and telling is helpful to me as a reader This author seemed impatient to tell us when McKinley was feeling worried, angry, etc, when by his actions I already could have known Despite that, there are things in this book that reminded me why I adored all the character s so much when I was younger It was fun to resurface memories. I will preface this with my understanding that this book was not directed at a 22 year old reader.That being said, it was still a somewhat interesting book The language of course was simplistic, but the storyline was fairly engaging I found the strange love like tension between McKinley and Aspen to be a little unnecessary and unimportant to the plot However, I did really like seeing one author s understanding of how much people language dogs can grasp Seeing the story through McKinley s eyes yet seeing how he broke down what his humans were saying was a nice touch Definitely a good book for little dog lovers. #Read Book ⚛ The Good Dog ⚤ When The Wild Calls McKinley, A Malamute, Is A Good Dog He S Reliable And Trustworthy Whether It S Watching Over The Other Dogs Of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Or Taking Care Of His Human Pup, Jack, McKinley Never Even Thinks Of Letting Anyone Down Until He Meets Lupin Lupin Is A She Wolf And She S Urging The Dogs Of Steamboat Springs To Leave Their Domesticated Lives And Join Her Wild Pack And Though She Scares McKinley, He Also Finds Himself Drawn To Her And The Life Of Freedom That She OffersFor The First Time, McKinley S Loyalties Are Torn Should He Stay With His Humans And Continue To Lead The Dogs Of Steamboat Springs Or Should He Join The Wolf And Live Freely, Like His Ancestors Did When The Wild Calls, What Will McKinley S Answer Be I bought this book during my two years in the USA back in 2004 2006.This has got to be one of my all time loves, I have read it than 4 times now and I still can t get enough of it Sure, it s a bit to easy to read and it doesn t really suite my age at all any Every time I open the book the text seems to get bigger.Anyhow, this book is amazing I love the way it s written, the way things are described and how every individual character has a interesting personality which gradually develops The descriptions in general are very good, it gets your imagination started and in the end you pretty much have a painted picture of the whole place, almost like a map.I recommend this book to everyone, big or small Written from a dog s perspective, the main dog, a malamute, has to make a decision to join a wolf pack or stay with his humans and neighborhood dogs I m looking forward to sharing this one with my students This is book my daughter rented from her school library for me to read as she already read it It was a very cute book and I loved the symmetry of the dogs helping the female wolf This book shows you just how smart dogs are. I LOVE THAT IS NOT AN EASY BOOK IT IS A GOOD BOOK WHEN YOU GET IT YOU WITH LOVE IT IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR LOOK FORWARD TO HAVE THE RIGHT THING IT WILL BE THERE BY THEN YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS BOOK ASK ME KAYLA STARK 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book I thought it would be appropriate to post my son s book report for this book He was nine years old when he wrote it Ya, okay I helped edit itFirst I have a funny story about this book The main character in the book is a black and white malamute named McKinley We have a black and white husky named McKinley While my son, Justin, was reading this book, our Bad Dog McKinley decided to eat the book The Good Dog How is that for irony Justin gave the book 4 1 2 stars out of 5 Here is his review I finished reading an awesome book called The Good Dog by Avi The book is about a black and white malamute named McKinley It is set in modern day He has an owner named Jack They live in Steamboat Springs In the story, McKinley makes friends with a wolf, named Lupin McKinley is the head dog, and the other dogs support him, except for his rival, Redburn Redburn thinks he should be the head dog One morning McKinley woke up and opened the door with his paw Someone left a piece of paper at the door with a picture of his greyhound friend Duchess on it It said Lost and Reward 200 on it McKinley knew why she ran off, Duchess owner, Pycraft, was mean Afterward, Pycraft planned a hunting party to hunt the wolf because he thought Duchess ran off with her He wants to kill both of them McKinley knew he must protect his friends McKinley found Lupin and told her humans were hunting them When the hunters were nearby, McKinley saw Redburn leading them McKinley was not surprised Redburn did everything his humans told him Redburn tries to attach Lupin McKinley launched on top on Redburn to protect her Redburn yelps because McKinley scratched him Pycraft aims his gun to shoot McKinley thinking he is the wolf Fortunately, McKinley s owner, Jack, pushed Pycraft on the ground Jacked saved McKinley The hunters gave up Everything was fine McKinley was still head dog He didn t get shot Duchess joined Lupin s pack They lived happily ever after I enjoyed the action in this book Plus, most of the dogs were really cool I enjoyed that my dog is also named McKinley and looks like the main character. The Good Dog by Avi is a really fun and exciting book It is about a mischievous husky named McKinley who lives with a young boy named jack and his parents They live in a small town in Alaska that is filled with dogs, and McKinley is the head dog of all of them One day McKinley hears about a hurt wolf named lupin that was trying to get dogs to join her pack McKinley sets out to help her back to her pack with one of his friends Then a daring dog named Redburn challenges McKinley for the leadership of the Steamboat Dogs, which is the name of the pack Now McKinley has to fight for the pack and fight for Lupins safety When McKinley had finally got Lupin to some strength, he heard the news that humans were going to hunt for the wolf, leading them was Redburn Will McKinley save Lupin from the hunters and keep his pack Read the book to find out I think the author, Avi, did a great job This book is one of the best I ve read It is so exciting and full of action I think McKinley was my favorite character because he is just so smart and funny Redburn was my Least favorite because he is just a bod dog and is so annoying I would definitely recommend this book to my family or friends I would rate this book five stars

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